PSA: Newegg will take 5% off sitewide until 9:59 PT tonight

This isn't a deals-of-the-week post, exactly. Newegg will usually discount a particular set of items, and we'll sniff out the best of them. This time around, however, the retailer is offering 5% off anything on its site if you use promo code MBLNEZY29 from now until 9:59 PM PT tonight.

There are a couple caveats, of course. The code is only good through or through the company's mobile app, and it's only good for a maximum of $50 off your entire order. Still, any discount is a good discount, and lopping $50 off a $1000-or-more cart of new PC parts could mean the difference between one grade of component and another. If that sounds appealing, head over to the company's mobile site or app, load up your cart, and put the promo code to use.

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