Nvidia fills the Shield Tablet K1 with Nougat

In the weeks since CES, we've reported on the Nvidia's 2017 Shield TV set-top box, and the update for the original Shield TV with Android 7.0 and a backport of the 2017 version's features. To prove to customers that it hasn't forgotten about the Shield Tablet K1, the green team has announced the release of the Software Upgrade 5.0 for that device. The update brings Android 7.0 Nougat to the K1, along with compatibility with the 2017 Shield Controller.

The update includes all the features introduced in Android 7.0 Nougat, including expanded multitasking options, an updated notifications system, improved power consumption, and most critically, new Unicode 9 emojis. Aside from those features, the most interesting one the addition of support for the 2017 version of Nvidia's Shield Controller, which trades away the old touchpad in exchange for a built-in microphone-and-headphone jack. 

The update also includes something called Shield Rewards, something that we're certain some gerbils won't trust, even not knowing what it is. According to Droid Life, the updated software describes Shield Rewards as follows:

As a member, we’ll be providing you the latest news for apps, games, and products for the NVIDIA SHIELD, as well access to premium rewards. Goodies like free games, discounts, chances to win great prizes and more. Stand by for more details to come.

We will have to wait for more information from Nvidia as to what this vague statement means. Droid Life also has the update's complete change log, for those who are interested. We at TR are happy to see at least one Android device vendor plugging away at bringing out new features and software updates to existing devices.

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