EKWB’s GA Z270X RGB Monoblock lights up your Gigabyte mobo

RGB LEDs are in everything now. Keyboards, mice, video cards, fans and even RAM. Waterblocks are no exception, and cooling company EKWB has unveiled an RGB LED monoblock built specifically with Gigabyte's Z270 motherboards in mind: the EK-FB GA Z270X RGB Monoblock.

In case the name didn't tip you off, the Z270X RGB Monoblock covers both the CPU and the motherboard's power regulation modules. EKWB says its the block should offer high-enough flow to work well even with weaker water pumps and longer cooling loops. The base of the block is crafted from nickel-plated copper topped with acrylic glass material. This particular model doesn't come with a black acrylic top option because, you know, LEDs.

The block's RGB LED lighting is compatible with Gigabyte's RGB Fusion headers, and is powered through a 4-pin header that EKWB says will be compatible with both LED controllers and other motherboards with lighting controls. This should help gamers coordinate all the blinkenlights filling the inside of their systems.

The list of compatible motherboards includes:

  • GA-Z270X-Gaming 8
  • GA-Z270X-Gaming 7
  • GA-Z270X-Gaming K7
  • GA-Z270X-Gaming 5
  • GA-Z270X-Gaming K5
  • GA-Z270X-Ultra Gaming
  • GA-Z270-Phoenix Gaming
  • GA-Z270-Gaming 3
  • GA-Z270-Gaming K3
  • GA-Z270X-UD5

The EK-FB GA Z270X RGB Monoblock is available for pre-order through EKWB's online store right now for $136.99 (or 119.95€).

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    • PBCrunch
    • 3 years ago

    RGB LEDs are not the devil. Manufacturers love them for two simple reasons:

    #1: In the event that a product is powered on as part of a store display, people will immediately notice. What manufacturer of high-end product can resist? Thankfully, this display is almost always easy to disable.

    #2: Instead of having to stock three to fifty different models with different color illumination, manufacturers can make one SKU and know for sure that a buyer will not choose some other manufacturer’s product because they want blue lights instead of red.

    If you don’t like the LEDs, you can almost always turn them off. Plus, we are at the beginning of a trend. We are already starting to see manufacturers do clever things with the RGB lights, like display health status in a game, or become more red as CPU temperature increases, or signal a new email.

    • Chrispy_
    • 3 years ago

    Ugh. Yet another market segment ruined by the discovery of LED bling.

    • joselillo_25
    • 3 years ago

    The LED Report 🙂

    • LostCat
    • 3 years ago

    Cripes. If I see even a hint of customizable lighting bullshit I’m not buying that kit for my windowless case.

      • SomeOtherGeek
      • 3 years ago

      But what will you do if the lights are so bright it’ll your case glow? Will you do it? Do it!!

      No, I’m totally with you.

        • LostCat
        • 3 years ago

        I sleep in here man o.o

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