Jonsbo U4 and RM4 cases deliver a load of steel and glass

Jonsbo might not be the first brand that springs into most gerbils' minds when the subject of PC chassis comes up, but the company has been offering aluminum enclosures with subdued styling for some time now. The company has reportedly been the OEM behind some of Rosewill's higher-end cases, and it's now expanding its own offerings with a pair of mid-tower ATX chassis—the mysteriously-named U4 and the big RM4. Both cases offer steel frames and tempered glass exterior panels.

The compact U4 is designed to handle a standard computer system with conventional cooling, and measures 16.9" x  8.1" x 13.4" (43 cm x 21 cm x 34 cm). Jonsbo doesn't list any support for water cooling in the U4, but CPU coolers as tall as 6.7" (17 cm) will fit without issue. Graphics cards as long as 12.2" (31 cm) can come along for the party as well. Jonsbo says the case is built using a 1-mm steel chassis, 2-mm aluminum exterior panels, and a 5-mm tempered glass panel.

Users can install an optional aluminum panel at the bottom to hide the power supply, wiring, and a pair of 3.5" drives. An additional pair of 2.5" drives can be attached to the fan mount on the front of the case. As for fans, a pair of 120-mm spinners can go in the front of the case, another fan goes in the rear, and one more can be installed in the bottom panel. The front-panel connectors and the power button are mounted on the side of the case, just fore of the tempered glass side panel.

The RM4 is better-suited for packing a high-end water-cooled enthusiast PC. The chassis sports support for a 360-mm radiator in the bottom panel, a 240-mm unit in the front, and a 120-mm radiator in the rear. Fitting a radiator in the bottom will likely require the user to give up the last expansion slot in an ATX motherboard. This case can fit the same 170-mm air cooler as the U4, but maximum graphics card length is expanded to 15" (38 cm).

The frame is made from 1-mm steel with 4-mm aluminum exterior construction and a 5-mm-thick tempered glass side panel. Spinning rust enthusiasts will be limited to a pair of 3.5" drives, but there's room for up to five 2.5" devices. The RM4 measures 18.8" x 8.5" x 17.5" (48 cm x 22 cm x 45 cm) and weighs in at a stout 21 lbs (9.5 kg). The tempered glass side window sports an illuminated, user-customizable Jonsbo logo.

There's yet no word on when these cases will reach the US, but according to TechPowerUp the Jonsbo U4 will go for 85€ including 19% VAT (or about $75 before taxes), while the RM4 will hit the till for a more substantial 160€ with VAT (about $140 without tax)—an understandable price given its larger dimensions,  premium features, and sturdier construction. Both cases are available in black and silver. Given that Jonsbo does offer most of its other chassis in a rainbow of colors, perhaps we'll see these cases in other finishes in the future.

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