Sniper Elite 4 and For Honor run better with Radeon Software 17.2.1

There are new games coming out, and you know what that means: an updated driver release from AMD. The Radeon drivers version 17.2.1 bring support for Ubisoft's For Honor and Rebellion's Sniper Elite 4. AMD says that armored knights can expect a 4% performance increase versus the 17.1.2 version, while prospective sharp-shooters should get a 5% scope speed upgrade.

Although the headline feature is the support for those two titles, AMD threw in a handful of bug fixes. The inability to enable FreeSync on some games in full-screen mode should be gone. Owners of R9 380s will be happy to know that their cards' memory won't be locked at a lower-than-normal speed any more. People playing For Honor on CrossFire configurations should no longer experience occasional crashes, too. Finally, DayZ and ReLive should play along nicely with each other—one of multiple ReLive fixes in this driver release.

There are still some outstanding issues, though. FreeSync doesn't yet fully work with Sniper Elite 4, and a "small amount of apps" can have trouble if they're using borderless fullscreen mode plus FreeSync when there are other applications running in the background on the main monitor. CS:GO and World of Warcraft can show flickering the first time they're launched with FreeSync on, too. Most of the existing bugs with ReLive are still outstanding in this version.

The release notes contain all the skinny on the Radeon 17.2.1 drivers. Check them out and download the software package here.

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