GeForce 378.66 drivers gear up for the latest games

Don't feel bad if you skipped the 378.57 GeForce hotfix driver two weeks ago, because Nvidia is ready with a fresh and hot WHQL release for you. The new version is numbered 378.66 and is Game Ready for Halo Wars 2, Sniper Elite 4, and the release version of For Honor. The driver pack also includes support for version 8.0 of the GeForce Video SDK, allowing software to use hardware-accelerated 10- and 12-bit VP9 and HEVC encoding.

Nvidia also added Ansel support to For Honor and Paragon, letting users take epic super-resolution panorama or 360° screenshots. Sniper Elite 4 and For Honor got 3D Vision profiles (both marked "Excellent"). There are the customary bugfixes, too. Minecraft shouldn't crash anymore with the 3D Vision driver present, and Heroes of the Storm should no longer crash on GeForce GTX 1080s. Shadows in The Division ought to stop flickering when PCSS is enabled, too. Finally, Nvidia Surround should now work on external GPUs.

Lingering issues include driver errors in GPUGrid, crashing when using NVENC for Steam streaming, and The Division crashing when you toggle out of full-screen mode. For Honor may still crash on Maxwell GPUs if users skip the intro video with Shadowplay enabled. Notebook GeForces based on Pascal chips may require a manual reboot after installing the driver, should the display remain blank.

Folks who want to check out the full list of features, fixes, and foibles can hit up Nvidia's release notes. GeForce Experience users should already have the new driver downloaded, but the rest of us will have to sojourn to Nvidia's download page.

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