Alphacool Eiswand combats hot parts with a big block of chill

Just like the ice wall guards the northern border of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros from the White Walkers, Alphacool's Eiswand 360 CPU ("Ice Wall") wants to save your liquid-cooled rig from overheating. The Eiswand is an all-in-one CPU liquid-cooling solution, meant to stand alongside your PC instead of inside it. Old-enough gerbils may see a similarity to the Zalman Reserator from days of yore.

The core of the Eiswand contains a 360mm full-copper radiator equipped with six Eiswind fans and mounted above a pair of DC-LT pumps. For those particularly concerned about noise, the Eiswand comes with a "Silent Adapter" for restricting pump and fan speeds in order to keep the beast quiet with "only slightly reduced" cooling power. A black aluminum case surrounds all that gear. Alphacool says the Eiswand has enough cooling power for "any combination of CPU and GPU," too.

Alphacool includes a 4-meter black hose, two liters of coolant, the required connectors and parts, and anti-kink springs. The Eiswand has been in the wild for a few months, but it's now available in the U.S. through Aquatuning's American site for $368.

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