ROG Strix Impact is a simple mouse for serious gamers

We're coming up on 45 years of the video game in 2017. A lot of older folks, even ones who played games in their young adulthood, have trouble with modern game controllers. All those sticks and buttons and levers and knobs are confusing. Can't we go back to the days when you had one stick and two buttons? If you share a similar sentiment about gaming mice and their myriad manipulables, then have a look at Asus ROG's new Strix Impact mouse.

This device is nearly as simple as it gets. A left button, a right button, and a clickable scroll wheel are the entirety of the Strix Impact's inputs. There's also an extra button on top to flip through DPI settings. The Impact offers an optical sensor capable of tracking with up to 5000 DPI resolution and 30 gs of acceleration, and like any quality mouse it uses durable Omron switches for the primary buttons. Those specs in an otherwise basic mouse could be an attractive package for gamers on a budget, or folks who simply prefer a simpler mouse.

Asus says that since the buttons' surfaces aren't connected to the main body of the mouse, the buttons will be easier to press. The company is also proud of the fact that the ROG Strix Impact weighs just 91 grams without its cable. That's half-again the weight of MadCatz' RAT 1 mouse, but this thing probably won't snap in half if you rest your palm on it. It has Aura Sync RGB lighting for the Strix logo on the back, and Mayan-inspired textured accents on the rear quarter and the scroll wheel. Best of all, it includes two ROG logo stickers.

Asus didn't announce pricing or availability for the new mouse, but we'd expect this one to come in around the same $50 price point as the ROG Sica it appears to replace.

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