Phanteks Glacier gear flows into the water-cooling market

Phanteks took the plunge into the depths of custom open-loop cooling parts with its July release of the Glacier G1080 water block for Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 FE graphics cards. The company is now expanding the liquid-cooling section of its catalog and has unveiled the Glacier C350i CPU water block and Glacier series water cooling fittings.

The Glacier C350i is built around a nickel-plated, solid-copper cold plate with 0.4-mm channels. The block is topped off by an acrylic cover and an aluminum trim ring with a choice of satin-black or chrome finishes. Viton seals fill the seams between the block and the cover plate. Since it's 2017 and the C350i is a high-end cooling product, it has embedded RGB LED illumination. Phanteks says the RGB LEDs are compatible with the company's RGB LED-equipped cases and can be controlled through Asus' Aura or MSI's Mystic Light Sync software. The C350i is prepared to perch atop Intel LGA 115x or 2011-v3 CPUs. AMD CPUs are not supported. 

Phanteks' Glacier series G1/4 fittings are available for use with hard-tube or soft-tube coolant lines. The fittings come in multiple varieties: for small and large tubes, as 45° and 90° rotary fittings, and stop fittings. The hard-tube offerings are more numerous by necessity, since soft-tube systems tend to need fewer fittings. All Phanteks fittings use Viton seals and are machined from solid brass. Buyers can get them in satin black or mirrored finishes.

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