Fallout 4's wasteland is coming to VR

We've known that Bethesda has experimented with making Fallout 4 playable with VR headsets, but it's been a while since the company offered an update. In an interview with Glixel, Bethesda's executive producer Todd Howard not only confirmed that the project is still happening, but that the entire game will be playable in VR.

Howard said that the Fallout team found that the game's interface works well in virtual reality. For example, the game can put the Pip-Boy on the character's wrist, and players can interact with it intuitively by simply looking down at it. Similarly, Howard thinks the game's combat mechanics are a natural fit for VR. "The fact that the gunplay is a bit slower than in a lot of games has certainly helped us," he said, "but we have V.A.T.S, so you can pause or slow down the world."

Like other developers, Bethesda is struggling with the problem of locomotion in VR. Even the room-scale VR experience offered by the HTC Vive doesn't allow players to naturally walk across an entire apocalyptic wasteland. Howard said that Bethesda's approach is to offer players as many options for movement as possible. The game will include the "teleport warp thing," as he called it, but he also said that his team is paying close attention to the strategies that indie developers are testing out in other games on the market.

Howard didn't reveal a release date for Fallout 4 VR, but said that the company's latest internal version has the entire game playable from "start to finish right now." A big-name AAA title would be a welcome sight in the VR ecosystem, so this is good news.

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