Rumor: Ryzen stock coolers and retail packaging pictured

Are you ready for even more Ryzen rumors, gerbils? This time around, we've got an inkling of the cooling hardware that'll purportedly be shipping with some Ryzen CPUs, along with pictures of the retail packaging AMD may be using.

Image source: Informática Cero

According to Spanish-language tech site Informática Cero, the high-end Ryzen R7 1800X and 1700X processors (rumored to bear a 95W TDP rating) will come wtih a large cooling solution called the "Wraith Max" that is supposedly capable of cooling off chips rated for up to 140W TDP. The site goes on to say that the non-X chips will include a "Wraith Spire" cooler that is rated for CPUs with up to 95W TDP. The site also says that the higher-end Ryzen models will be optionally available without a boxed heatsink, in a similar fashion to Intel's unlocked high-end CPUs.

Almost two weeks ago, Radeon Technologies Group head honcho Raja Koduri tweeted a picture of himself staring lovingly at a Ryzen-branded PC with a circular heatsink lit in bright purple. Some sites have taken this to imply that the new Wraith coolers will offer RGB LED lighting, though that's a tricky call to make based on a single picture. Other past rumors implied that there will be a third model of revised Wraith cooler specifically for the lower-end Ryzen processors.

Image source: Videocardz

Meanwhile, Videocardz has some pictures of the Ryzen processors' retail packages. The images appear to be 3D renders, but they match up with the images from Informática Cero and look believable enough. Hopefully we won't have to wait much longer to get the real thing in our hot little hands. 

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