Alphacool Eislicht makes for a moody PC interior

LED light strips are pretty awesome. As an older tweaker who used to run a cold-cathode light in his case back in the day, I think the fact that light strips use almost no power and produce virtually no heat is awesome. However, I also think that the uneven illumination they provide isn't quite as pleasing as the smooth, even glow from a fluorescent light. Alphacool has a solution for my conundrum in the form of its new Eislicht LED panels.

The company says it uses "a proven technique based on the backlighting for monitors and TVs" to create an LED-based light panel to light up the inside of PC cases. Since the panels are based on LEDs, they likely won't output a lot of heat like a CCFL would. Power draw is probably low, too—the Eislicht hooks up to a standard fan header for its juice. You can mount the Eislicht using screw-in magnets or an adhesive strip, both included in the package.

Unfortunately for the RGB LED enthusiasts among us, the Eislicht only comes in single-color form for now. You get your choice of red, green, blue, or white lighting. It doesn't look like the Eislicht has hit US shores yet, but our friends in Europe can pick them up for €25 a pop at Alphacool's web shop.

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