Adesso and Azio keyboards look strikingly familiar

Back in December, we said the RGB LED mechanical keyboard market was getting crowded. Hardware maker Nanoxia offered something refreshing with its Ncore Retro keyboard. Now, Adesso and Azio are looking to get into the faux-retro game, offering up the Adesso AKB-636UB and the Azio MK Retro.

Adesso AKB-636UB

Both keyboards appear to be slight variations on the same board offered by Nanoxia, albeit at slightly reduced pricing. The keyboards offer the same mirror-finish surface, oversized pillar-syle feet, and even the same secondary functions with an Fn-key toggle. The actual differences are minor. Where Nanoxia's offering has Kailh white switches beneath the keys, the Adesso and Azio boards use Kailh blue switches. The font has been changed from the aggressive-looking Bank Gothic to smoother-looking letters, too.

Azio MK Retro

So, the same way that the RGB LED keyboard market is crowding, so is the retro typerwriter keyboard market. However, it seems that most of the options are literaly the same keyboard, with minor variations on the switch type. It's worth noting that Azio's board can be ordered in a dashing white-and-gold finish.

While the Nanoxia went for $118 at launch, it's since bounced to $149 over on Amazon. Azio's offering can be found at the 'egg for a more palatable $100. Adesso's is currently only available through its own shop and currently goes for $129.

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