Samsung shows off its Exynos 9 SoC built on a 10-nm process

Time for a moment of honesty, gerbils. Is there room in your life to discuss more than one upcoming processor? Yes? Good. Samsung just announced the latest version of its Exynos SoC, and it's primed to appear in a variety of devices in the coming year.

The Exynos 9 Series (8895) SoC is built on what Samsung claims is the world's first 10-nm FinFET process. The company says the new process node lets the Exynos 9 perform 27% faster with 40% lower power consumption than the previous 14-nm offerings. The Exynos 8895 contains an octa-core processor comprising four of Samsung's custom cores and four ARM-designed Cortex-A53 cores. The LTE modem present in the previous-generation Exynos 8890 got upgraded to an LTE-Advanced unit capable of 1Gbps downlink and 150 Mbps uplink speeds.

For graphics horsepower, Samsung turned to a variant of ARM's latest GPU design, the Mali-G71 MP20. Samsung claims that it gets 60% higher performance from this GPU than its predecessor, and that it operates at a lower temperature, too. Naturally, Samsung claims this GPU is a natural fit for use with virtual reality devices.

The Exynos 8895 offers several other intriguing features. The SoC includes a separate security sub-system with its own processing unit and flash memory protector. Samsung added a "vision processing" unit to the SoC, purportedly allowing Exynos 8895-powered devices to detect, track, and recognize objects. Finally, the SoC's image handling supports front and rear-facing 28MP cameras. The Exynos 8895 is currently in mass production, so we expect to soon hear about devices powered by it.

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