AMD's early Vega graphics card takes a turn in San Francisco

Although Ryzen CPUs were most definitely the star of the show at AMD's event in San Francisco this week, the company had another tantalizing product hidden in plain sight in its demo room. The company finally did away with the gaffer tape and solid cases and showed off a Vega graphics card in the buff. 

The card itself bears a strong family resemblance to the reference Radeon RX 480 cooler before it, but this early card has some extra length to it for the (presumably diagnostic-related) USB 3.0 plug on its snout.

One can also see a ton of components behind the GPU itself, much like the Radeon R9 Fury's board layout. 

The card uses an eight-pin-plus-six-pin PCIe power arrangement.

We've had ample opportunity to play with Vega-powered hardware before now, but we've never been able to see the card that was pushing those pixels. The fact that AMD is cooling a presumably large, HBM-equipped graphics chip with nothing more than a beefy blower cooler may bode well for Vega's performance per watt. We'll just have to wait and see.

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