TR forums spotlight: krazyredboy's crazy simulator PC

TR gerbil krazyredboy's custom-built "case" project has gotten some attention in our forums, but we thought it's just too cool to not shine the spotlight on it. We say "case" because while this aluminum enclosure includes mountings for a full PC, it also has room for a monitor, a chair, a wheel-and-pedals setup, and even some doors.

The build started back in October of 2016 and was designed specifically to be "simulator-like." I'm probably showing my age a bit here, but it reminds me of the original Star Wars arcade game in cockpit form, or perhaps Star Trek: Enterprise Operations Simulator. The CAD renders that krazyredboy displayed showed remarkable levels of forward thinking and attention to detail, like extra fans to keep things from getting too sauna-like inside.

Recently, krazyredboy built more of the main frame and added a brand-new Kaby Lake system with a Core i7-7700K and a GeForce GTX 1070 for the project. His original concept from last year toyed with the idea of using a triple-monitor setup, but for now the cabinet is built around an LG 29UM67 ultra-wide display instead. The builder says he intends to set up a high-end G-Sync monitor at some point. He also redesigned the keyboard-and-mouse tray so that it can be easily swapped with a piece of rigging that the steering wheel setup attaches to. His obsession shows in this particular detail, since he designed that wheel-and-pedals rig in a way that lets him use it with his Xbox in the living room, too.

So far, including all the computer components, krazyredboy says he's spent a little over $1900 on the build. Most of the aluminum tubing was recycled from scrap his employer was discarding. Check out the forum thread for more details on one of the coolest custom builds we've seen in a long time. Oh, and it'll have a cup holder.

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