Kingston DCP-1000 SSDs are ready for the datacenter

As wonderful as it is to have speedy storage on a desktop computer system, the real need for the fastest drives is in the datacenter. Kingston's DCP-1000 line of PCIe NVMe storage devices is designed specifically for the requirements of that market. The DCP-1000 series drives are available in 800GB, 1.6TB, and 3.2TB capacities, all rated to deliver sequential read speeds up to 6800 MB/s. When it comes to sequential writes, smallest model can write up to 5000 MB/s of important business data per second, while the larger models can do 6000 MB/s.

The 1.6-TB model offers the highest random read and write performance, with a claimed 1.1 million read IOPS and 200K write IOPS. Endurance ranges from 187 TBW on the 800 GB model all the way up to 697 TBW on the range-topping 3.2TB unit. A PCIe 3.0 x8 slot is required to run the DCP-1000 at full tilt. In-flight data is protected via ECC memory and "enterprise-class power failure protection," presumably involving the bank of capacitors on the top of the card.

Kingston didn't offer pricing or availability information, but the drives' datacenter ambitions and high performance tell us DCP-1000 drives will be spendy. Whatever the price, the company is backing the drives with a five-year warranty.

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