Join AMD for some noon-time Capsaicin & Cream

Greetings, gerbils. As we all know, there's nothing better to add to chili pepper than some really nice cream. At least that's what AMD's telling us, since its Capsaicin & Cream event is kicking off in little over 20 minutes, at 12:30 CT (or 10:30 CT and 18:30 GMT). Although the company doesn't say it out loud, we'd wager we can expect a few tidbits of info, sneak peeks, and maybe some sexy glamour shots of the upcoming Vega graphics cards. You can watch the live-stream here:

Along with the likely info on Vega, AMD will be showing off the "hottest [...] VR technologies" and "previews of the summer's hottest PC games and VR experiences." AMD is only smart to try and take the Ryzen hype Kōtetsujō to a stop in the land of graphics cards with its Summer of Radeon initiative. Everybody's waiting for the red team's new cards with bated breath, and today's reveal could leave some gerbils foaming at the mouth in anticipation. Of course, Nvidia may well try to rain on AMD's parade.

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