Oculus drops the price of its Rift headset and Touch controllers

Late last year, Oculus introduced its asynchronous spacewarp technology, allowing the company to relax its headset's famously-demanding hardware requirements. Now, its VR system is getting even more accessible, as Oculus has announced that it's significantly reducing the prices of its hardware. As of today, the price of the Rift-and-Touch bundle has been reduced from $800 to $600.

These price drops might also be interesting to folks who already own the basic Rift headset but haven't sprung for the Touch controllers, since their sticker price has been slashed in half to $100. Users looking to set up room-scale VR by grabbing a third sensor can do so a little more cheaply as well, as a standalone sensor now sells for $60 rather than $80. Additionally, the basic Oculus Rift set including the headset, an Xbox One controller, a sensor, and the necessary cables now sells for $500 instead of $600.

These price drops position the Oculus Rift more competitively against the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. A room-scale VR setup with Oculus and its Touch controllers will now cost about $680, while the Vive costs $800. A PlayStation 4 with Sony's PSVR bundle (headset plus two PlayStation Move controllers) costs roughly $750. However, buyers of the Rift and Vive will still need to factor in the cost of a reasonably powerful gaming PC, as well.

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