Valiant delidder finds solder under Ryzen heatspreader

Roman "der8auer" Hartung is one of the more hardcore overlockers out there today. I'm a fan of his work over at Overclocking.Guide, and today he posted up a video on his YouTube channel demonstrating the dangerous process and the results of delidding one of AMD's Ryzen CPUs. I'll skip to the end for you: the heatspreaders are soldered on.

Hartung stringently recommends against attempting to de-lid Ryzen. He's about the closest thing to a professional in this business of slicing the hats off of CPUs, and he ruined two of the new chips while doing so. In the video, he shows off a topless Ryzen 7 1700 processor bare for the world to see. Hartung promised a second video over the weekend exploring whether delidding the chip actually helps with overclocking it or keeping its temperature lower.

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