Radeon 17.3.1 drivers are ready to explore Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is upon us. If you're planning to play it on your Radeon, make sure you grab the just-released Radeon driver 17.3.1 package. The new driver has specific optimizations for the military open-world co-op game, and AMD says it improves performance by as much as 6% on Radeon RX 480s. That may not sound like much, but remember that game performance is a tricky thing to measure. A 6% overall performance uplift could mean a significant improvement in the worst-case scenarios.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

The new driver package also adds a CrossFire profile for Wildlands, although there's a bug that might cause it to crash on launch with three- or four-way CrossFire enabled. Also, task switching out of the game while running in CrossFire mode might cause flickering and require a game restart. We've been dubious on the benefits of multi-GPU systems for a while now, but it's still good to see that AMD is supporting them after that contentious stage show demoing two Radeon RX 480 cards running Ashes of the Singularity.

Other fixed issues includes flickering textures after task-switching out of Battlefield 1, mouse cursor corruption on RX 480 cards, and stuttering in applications running in borderless-window mode on a FreeSync display. That last fix has been a long time coming. Flickering in For Honor should be resolved, including on multi-GPU systems. CS:GO shouldn't stutter with Chill enabled anymore, and DOTA 2 shouldn't stutter with ReLive enabled now. Radeon R9 380 owners should be able to use Radeon WattMan without fear of having the whole machine hang, too.

Most of the known issues center around CrossFire and FreeSync. FreeSync and super-sampling in Sniper Elite 4 are known to cause problems or not work at all. Radeon Settings may crash when switching users with CrossFire enabled, and game profiles are sometimes being lost or reset after a reboot. Speaking of CrossFire, Shadow Warrior 2 won't run in multi-GPU mode because there's no profile for it. CS:GO and World of Warcraft could flicker the first time you run them after rebooting while using a FreeSync display. Task switching out and back into the games should clear that up, though.

There's a separate known issue list for Radeon ReLive altogether. You can check that out—as well as the rest of the fixed and known issues—by reading AMD's release notes. Or you can just go ahead and grab the latest driver from AMD's download site.

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