Arctic Freezer 33 coolers are ready for Ryzen

Perhaps in a nod to increasing awareness of the possibility of melting polar ice caps as a result of global climate change, Arctic has released its Freezer 33 series of semi-passive CPU coolers. There are three models on offer, each sharing the same heatsink design with four direct-contact 6-mm copper heatpipes connected to an aluminum fin array sized to fit at least one 120-mm fan.

The Freezer 33 and the Plus model come with Arctic's F12 fans. The base model has a single fan, and the Plus version adds a second spinner. The Freezer 33 CO is designed for continuous operation and swaps out the standard fan for a premium unit with a Japanese ball bearing design. Arctic claims this bearing is up to five times more durable than other designs. 

Arctic claims the arrangment of the heatpipes within the fin stack delivers superior heat dissipation relative to the company's existing products, and should fit crowded motherboards easily. The fans supplied with all three cooler models carry on-board controllers that stop the fan from spinning entirely when the PWM duty cycle is below 40%. The company debuted this approach in its Freezer i32 Plus model. The built-in silent mode means that even users of motherboards without fine-grained PWM control can enjoy silence when CPU temperatures are low. 

All three models stand 5.9" (15 cm) tall and are 4.8" (12 cm) wide. The single-fan models are 3.75" (9.5 cm) wide, while the Freezer 33 Plus measures a thicker 4.0" (10 cm) on account of the its second fan. The Freezer 33 and the CO model weigh in at 22.6 oz. (641 g), while the Plus weighs 26.5 oz. (752 g).

Gerbils clinging to older processors should check the Freezer 33's specs before ordering. Only modern Intel desktop sockets with 1150 to 2011 pins and AMD AM4 are supported. Owners of Intel LGA 775 and AMD pre-Ryzen chips will have to look elsewhere.

All three Freezer 33 models are available for pre-order from Arctic now. The single-standard-fan Freezer 33 sells for $46, while the dual-standard-fan Freezer 33 Plus and the single-premium-fan Freezer 33 CO are offered at $50. Arctic expects deliveries to begin in early April. All three models are backed by a six-year warranty.

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