Windows 10 Creators Update shows ads in Explorer

Windows 10 has had ads of some kind since launch. Most of them were easy to turn off, but the upcoming Creators Update may make things more confusing. ExtremeTech reports that along with all the appreciated features in the upcoming Creators Update, Windows Insiders are seeing an uptick in Microsoft ads prompting users to start OneDrive and Office 365 subscriptions.

Source: reddit user aj1985

If you're seeing these ads, they're pretty easy to disable with one caveat. Open up an Explorer window, go to View, then Options. In the Options menu, find the View tab and go through the list of checkboxes under Advanced Settings. Uncheck the option that says "Show Sync Provider" and hit OK. Redditor Silversee notes that the Sync provider notification feature does have legitimate uses and disabling it will disable any notifications it could send, whether they're useful or not.

Windows has put ads on our lock screens and into our taskbars before, so these aren't anything new, but this might be the most annoying one yet. It feels like the kind of thing that should come up on a free version of Windows 10, not the version many of us have legitimate licenses for.

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