Retro Computers Limited struggles to get Sinclair moving

Getting a portable console off the ground might be even trickier than launching a home console. Even Nintendo has had trouble in the past with new platform launches. When a company as well-funded as the 800-pound gorilla of portable gaming has trouble launching an on-the-go machine, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that the crowdfunded Sinclair Spectrum ZX Vega+ portable console from Retro Computers Limited (RCL) is having trouble getting to market.

The Vega+ made almost 150% of its funding target of £100,000 at the close of its campaign. RCL promised a ship date in September of last year when the campaign started. That target then slipped to February 20, but RCL was unable to ship the console by that time. Crowdfunding site Indiegogo suspended any further fundraising by the company last week. RCL is now promising an arrival date in April, but the company's new website is not online yet. RCL has not made itself any more sympathetic by asking the BBC not to report on news of delays.

The Sinclair Spectrum ZX Vega+ was touted as a revival of the poplar British home personal computer of the 1980s. The portable console was to come with approximatley 1000 licensed games and was to have the ability to be connected to a television. The device relies on a microcontroller and emulation to do its magic, and does not include the original Spectrum ZX hardware. Sinclair sold around five million Spectrum ZX machines, but it remains to be seen whether the ZX Vega+ will find its way into the hands of even one backer.

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