EK waterblocks are pretty chill with MSI and Asus mobos

Owners of Asus and MSI motherboards may be envious of the integrated CPU-and-motherboard waterblock on Asus' range-topping ROG Maximus Extreme IX. Those people can now add a smug smile to their faces and waterblocks to their motherboards, thanks to the Slovenian water-cooling fanatics at EK Waterblocks. There are two models on offer, each compatible with a handful of MSI or Asus motherboards. EK says the blocks will fit nicely no matter whether they're placed atop Skylake or Kaby Lake CPUs.

Both types of block are made from nickel-plated copper with an RGB LED-illuminated transparent acetal top. EK says the blocks are designed for high flow, and will work well even with weaker pumps. The MSI model's illumination is compatible with Mystic Light Sync and the Asus model's lighting works with Aura Sync.

The EK-FB Asus Z270E Strix RGB Monoblock fits these Asus mobos:

Meanwhile, the EK-FB MSI Z270 Gaming Monoblock RGB fits the following MSI models:

The waterblocks for MSI and Asus boards are available for purchase now from EK's web store for $137, though both models are listed as "Ready for Assembly," seemingly implying at least a short wait time.

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