Twitch streaming set to come to a desktop near you

Following its acquisition of Curse this last summer, Twitch has now revealed its plans for the platform: an official Twitch desktop app. Set to launch in beta status tomorrow, this new app promises to offer streamers new and easier ways to interact with their communities.

With the Twitch desktop app, streamers will be able to create their own Twitch servers for their communities to hang out in, even when their streams are offline (heaven forbid such a time ever exists). Twitch is also promising that streamers will be able to centralize users from different game communities, though it's yet to reveal how that will work. Streamers and community managers currently rely on Twitch whisper chat to reach out to viewers, but they'll soon have the ability to make voice and video calls, too.

The app will incorporate Curse's mod platform, making it easier to find and install add-ons and mods for a number of games. If you play a game on more than one computer, you'll have the option to sync your mod settings across multiple machines. As with just about every other gamer-focused app these days, the Twitch app will also offer an in-game overlay with new features like in-game video calling.

Twitch will also be adding one of its recently-announced features to the desktop app. Soon, when watching a stream about a game on the Twitch site, you'll have the option to buy it. The desktop app will double down on that and let you buy and download it right away. The Twitch desktop app goes live tomorrow, March 16.

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