Dell hits shortage of 2GHz P4s

CNet reported several days ago that Dell has managed to sell out of 2GHz Pentium 4 processors. Dell has thus ceased taking orders for 8200 Dimenions and slapped a lead time of forty days on 2GHz PCs. In their workstation line, the Optiplex GX240 and GX400 2GHz models have been moved to lead times of forty days and five days, respectively.

In the midst of Dell's difficulties, Gateway has taken the opportunity to tout that it has, and is ready to sell, 2GHz P4 systems. Intel seems content to repeat forward-looking statements made in the third quarter: certain P4 models will be in tight supply initially this quarter.

It could be said that this is a recurring story from Dell. The fact that it is happening now, in the midst of a recession, caught my attention. The recommended Dimension 8200 2GHz PC runs nearly $3,200.

This situation raises an interesting question: Is Dell suffering at the hands of tight supplies from Intel, or are holiday sales exceeding expectations? Could this be a sign of the coming end to the current economic recession?

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