Radeon 17.3.2 drivers suit up for Mass Effect: Andromeda

It's been five years since Bioware wrapped up the original Mass Effect storyline, and fans of the story-driven RPG are hotly anticipating the upcoming sequel. Due to be released on March 21, Mass Effect: Andromeda takes place in a new galaxy some 600 years following the events of the original series, and introduces a new cast of characters. AMD's latest Radeon 17.3.2 drivers are ready for prime time and optimized for the game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

AMD claims that its latest drivers are able to smooth out Mass Effect: Andromeda rather significantly. Owners of a Radeon RX 480 8GB will purportedly see about a 12% performance improvement over what they'd get with the last set of drivers. On AMD's test system, that bump was enough to push their test system over 60 FPS at 1920x1080, on average.

Fans of Tom Clancy's The Division and For Honor will appreciate fixes for a few of the standing issues with those titles. AMD resolved the texture corruption problem in The Division in DirectX 12 mode. Players of For Honor running four graphics cards in a Crossfire configuration were seeing flickering and black screens in the game menu, but AMD says it's now taken care of that, too.

Some known issues remain on AMD's to-do list. The recent title Ghost Recon: Wildlands isn't playing well with multi-GPU systems, at times failing to launch entirely. Several titles are fighting with AMD's FreeSync, like Sniper Elite 4, a title that the company says may not be compatible at all right now with its variable-refresh-rate technology. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and World of Warcraft appear to suffer from performance issues when FreeSync is enabled, but apparently users can work around the problem by simply using Alt+Tab to switch in and out of the games.

Grab the Radeon 17.3.2 drivers and check out the release notes right here.

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