Corsair K63 tenkeyless keyboard will save you space and money

If your time at the computer is spent primarily for entertainment rather than work, you might not need all the 104 keys provided by a full-size keyboard. If you're a gamer, though, you probably still want a sleek, feature-packed mechanical keyboard. If that's the case, then Corsair has your back with its K63 mechanical gaming keyboard.

The K63 sports many of the bells and whistles found on other Corsair keyboards, but in a compact form factor for those looking for a bit more desk space. Beneath the keycaps, you'll find Cherry MX Red mechanical keyswitches with red LED lighting throughout. Like other Corsair keyboards, the K63 can be programmed in all sorts of different ways using Corsair's CUE software, including setting up per-key lighting and different lighting patterns (just so long as you like the color red), and almost-limitless number of macros and key reprogramming options.

Many tenkeyless boards like Logitech's recent G Pro take the notion of cutting the fat off the board to an extreme, dropping media keys and other niceties, but Corsair seems to be aiming the K63 at a more middle-of-the-road crowd. The K63 has dedicated media playback and volume controls butttons and a couple extra buttons for toggling the lighting and disabling the Windows key to keep it from interrupting gaming sessions.

Corsair is selling the board at its online store for a pretty-affordable $79.99.

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