Alphacool's Eiszeit compressor would impress Mr. Freeze

When we talk about cooling our computers, usually we're talking about making them a bit less warm. But sometimes that's not enough. Maybe you're Batman villain Mr. Freeze and need something truly industrial-strength to get the job done and make things cold. That's where Alphacool's new Eiszeit Chiller compressor cooler comes in.

This mega-powered external liquid-cooling unit is meant for the enthusiast's enthusiast. It packs a refrigeration compressor with 1500W of cooling power, making it more powerful than anything Alphacool has released to date. Inside the mean-looking case, there's a nine-liter reservoir connected to a pump that with a maximum flow of 10 L per minute. Alphacool rates the Eiszeit's maximum refrigeration capacity at 0.67 KW. The unit itself measures 11" x 18.5" x 22" (or 28 cm x 47 cm x 56 cm), making it bigger than a good number of computer cases.

If you're worried that the Eiszeit will be tough to hook up to an existing rig, though, Alphacool has you covered. The connections on the back are standard G1/4" threads, ensuring the Eiszeit's compatibility with most liquid-cooling systems. Maintaining and monitoring the device are both relatively simple tasks, too. There are alarms for both flow and temperature stabillity, and filling and draining can be done with inflow and outflow ports on the top and back of the unit.

The Eiszeit is going to be too much for most setups, but some advanced liquid cooling rigs or servers might be able to use it. With so much cooling power, it's amusing to picture something like a multi-computer cooling loop at a PC gaming café. The Alphacool Eiszeit is available right now through Alphacool's web store. You can pick it up all 64 lbs (29 Kg) of the device for 960€, or about $1035.

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