Samsung Bixby wants to guide you through the Galaxy

Smartphones and connected devices keep adding new capabilities, and Samsung thinks users might need some help keeping up. The company says its Bixby AI assistant is designed to step in and help users in a way that's fundamentally different from the approach taken by Amazon, Apple, and Google. Bixby is the product of Samsung's acquisition of Viv Labs last year.

InJong Rhee, Samsung's Executive VP, head of R&D and Software and Services

Samsung says that Bixby excels in the areas of completeness, context awareness, and cognitive tolerance. Completeness refers to Bixby's deeper integration into enabled applications, meaning that Samsung expects Bixby-enabled apps to support voice commands for nearly everything that can be normally accessed through the touch interface. The company says that Bixby can be used along with the touch interface when the user performs complex tasks, too. Meanwhile, cognitive tolerance boils down to Bixby's adaptability when it comes understanding user commands, hopefully granting users more leeway with how they speak to it.

The upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone will be the first Bixby-enabled device, but the company plans to integrate the assistant into more smartphones and many other types of devices like smart TVs as time passes. Samsung says it will release an SDK to allow third-party developers to integrate Bixby into their own applications.

According to The Verge, Bixby is meant to exist not so much as a client to a database of information but more as a guide to mastering the often-obtuse interface of a modern smartphone or internet-connected device. Samsung's flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone is scheduled to appear on March 29, so we may know more then.

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