In the lab: EpicGear's Defiant keyboard and Morpha X mouse

Even the most hard-core gerbils may never have heard the name EpicGear before. We've only mentioned the company once before outside of Shortbread posts. However, you've probably seen the name Golden Emperor International—or GeIL—when browsing system memory. EpicGear is GeIL's new gaming peripheral brand, sort of like Razer and Monster Energy. (We kid, we kid.) The company sent over two of its new modular gaming accessories for us to put through the wringer, and over the next few weeks I'll be doing just that.

This is the EpicGear Defiant "fully modular" mechanical gaming keyboard. It boasts a full-size 104-key design using EpicGear's own mechanical switches. Those come in purple, orange, and gray varieties, and they're compatible with Cherry MX keycaps. They also actuate sooner than Cherry MX switches: after about 1.5mm of travel versus two millimeters on most MX clickers. This particular specimen came with a full set of EG Purple keyswitches pre-installed, and it includes a number of interchangeable switches in the box.

Meanwhile, this is the EpicGear Morpha X gaming mouse. It is, like the Defiant, fully modular. In the case of a gaming mouse, that means that the external shell, the two primary switches, and the sensor can be swapped out on the fly. The company pre-installs a pair of EG Orange "medium" switches in the mouse, while a pair of EG Purple "pro" clickers rest comfortably in the box's foam padding, ready to be installed. The mouse comes with a PixArt PMW3360 sensor installed, but if you prefer, you can swap that out for an ADNS-9800 instead.

Look for our reviews of this epic gamer gear in the coming weeks.

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