MSI's Ryzen motherboard catalog gets reinforcements

If you've been after a Ryzen machine yet struggling to find a motherboard, MSI might soon have the answer for you. The company is launching its second wave of Ryzen motherboards and has a micro-site up for your perusal. Five boards make up the new releases: the X370 Krait Gaming, the X370 SLI-Plus, theĀ B350M Bazooka, plusĀ "Arctic" versions of the B350 Tomahawk and B350M Mortar.

Starting off at the top, we have the X370 Krait Gaming and X370 SLI-Plus. These two ATX motherboards are apparently identical aside from the name and the branding. The X370 Krait Gaming has the edgy design and shocking aesthetics that gamers obviously crave. Meanwhile, the X370 SLI-Plus appears to be a more "serious" offering for all of the businesses and professionals that need SLI support.

Whichever board you choose, you get four DDR4 DIMM slots supporting transfer rates up to 3200 MT/s and unbuffered ECC DIMMS. Onboard connectivity includes three PCIe x16 slots, an M.2 socket with four lanes of PCIe connectivity, and a pair of rear-panel USB 3.1 ports in both Type-A and Type-C flavors. MSI brags about its choice of the ASMedia ASM2142 USB 3.1 controller with its two lanes of PCIe connectivity, letting boards run two USB 3.1 devices at 8Gbps simultaneously. Realtek chips handle both audio and LAN duties.

Stepping over to the B350 chipset, the only wholly-new offering today is the B350M Bazooka. This micro-ATX board is part of MSI's Arsenal Gaming series and wears a stealthy black-and-metal color scheme with gray accents. The board looks quite nice, considering it's a modest offering. There are no surprises on this model, except perhaps that it offers both legacy serial and parallel port headers. You get four DDR4 slots, four 6Gbps SATA ports, a PCIe x16 slot, and an M.2 socket.

MSI is also releasing white-out versions of the B350M Mortar and B350 Tomahawk, both with the Arctic appellation. These boards are identical to their respective standard models, save for the new color scheme. The white LEDs on these boards could be quite a striking fashion statement in a suitably-colored case. Of course, all five of these motherboards have a Mystic Light header to control RGB LED devices.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like any of these boards have actually hit e-tail yet, at least here in the US of A. Keep an eye out, because MSI says they should be here any second now.

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