Corsair Vengeance RGB memory throws on a dreamcoat

Corsair is making the jump from monochromatic LED-illuminated memory to the full-boogie disco party stuff with its Vengeance RGB DDR4 memory modules. Corsair's rainbow-colored offerings compete with RGB LED-enabled memory offerings from Geil, G.Skill, and Zadak5. Corsair says its RAM chip screening process, built-in heat spreaders, custom PCBs, and XMP 2.0 support prepare the Vengeance RGB DD4 modules for the rigors of overclocking.

The lighting is controlled via Corsair's Link software and requires no additional wiring to clutter up the interior of a carefully curated case. The Link software allows the user to select colors based on simple preferences, or the lighting colors can be set to respond to inputs from temperature sensors, providing at-a-glance insights to system conditions.

Corsair's marketing materials specifically mention say the Vengeance RGB DDR4 modules work with Intel 100-series, 200-series, and X99 motherboards. The motherboard compatibility list includes a selection of Z170, Z270, and X99 motherboards and does not currently include any lower-end boards. Corsair says it is working on lighting control for Ryzen motherboards.

Vengeance RGB DDR4 modules are available in 2666 GT/s with 16-18-18-18-35 timings or 3000 GT/s with 15-17-17-35 timings. The modules come in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB kits. All kits are composed of varying quantities of 8 GB sticks, so buyers will need motherboards with eight DIMM slots to accomodate the 64 GB sets. The 16 GB and 32 GB DDR4 3000 GT/s kits are available now through Newegg for $163 to $300. A wider range of offerings is available through Corsair's online store.

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