MSI brings custom GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards by air and sea

A little less than three weeks ago, MSI was teasing its Gaming X version of Nvidia's king-of-the-hill GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. If one card built around the fastest gaming GPU on the market is good, then five must be better. MSI will offer three different custom air-cooled 1080 Ti cards, a Sea Hawk model with a preinstalled Corsair CLC, and a Sea Hawk EK card with an EK waterblock for integration into custom water-cooled systems. These five cards join the company's already-shipping Founder's Edition model.

The Aero 11G OC has a single-fan blower-style cooler that's similar to the one strapped onto the GTX 1080 Ti Founder's Edition. The Armor version upgrades to a black-and-white cooler with a pair of MSI's Torx fans. The Gaming X 11G has MSI's signature Twin Frozr VI red-and-black cooler with customizable RGB LED lighting and two of the manufacturer's Torx 2.0 high-pressure fans. This card also sports a pair of eight-pin PCIe power connectors that could aid overclocking efforts, particularly when going for high GPU and memory clocks simultaneously.

Moving on to the water aisle, the Sea Hawk model comes from the factory with one of Corsair's Hydro AIO coolers. The Sea Hawk EK model trades the Hydro cooler away for a custom EK waterblock. MSI didn't post any specific info but judging by the company's previous Nvidia offerings, we'd wager that most of these cards will have core speeds above the reference 1480 MHz base and 1582 Mhz boost clocks. The company promises that the Sea Hawk models will offer "vastly increased clock speeds out of the box," too.

MSI didn't provide pricing or availability information for these five custom GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards. We expect that the Seahawk EK model and its fancy waterblock will top the range.

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