AMD publishes patches for Vega support on Linux

Phoronix reports that AMD just published 100 patches to the AMDGPU Linux kernel driver, adding support for the company's upcoming Vega GPUs. Just a bit later, AMD also published 140 patches adding similar support to its RadeonSI Gallium3D driver. The patches represent a lot of work, seeing as the commits to AMDGPU alone represent "over forty-thousand lines of code."

As Phoronix speculates, the amount of code might owe to the fact that Vega is a significant departure from the previous Polaris architecture. The site says that the patches include support for video decoding using Vega's UVD 7.0 decode block, video encoding using VCE 4.0, and support for SR-IO virtualization alongside the more basic power management and 3D graphics functions. The RadeonSI driver is limited to supporting OpenGL 3.1 at the moment, but Phoronix speculates that AMD could make the driver ready for OpenGL 4.5 before Vega's purported May launch date.

The drivers list seven different PCI IDs for "CHIP_VEGA10", including the 0x687F model that we've seen referenced in previous leaks. This could mean that we will see a variety of boards based on the GPU. The drivers also list seven PCI IDs for "CHIP_POLARIS12", lending some credence to the rumors about an even smaller variant of AMD's current graphics architecture. 

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