news amd publishes patches for vega support on linux

AMD publishes patches for Vega support on Linux

Phoronix reports that AMD just published 100 patches to the AMDGPU Linux kernel driver, adding support for the company's upcoming Vega GPUs. Just a bit later, AMD also published 140 patches adding similar support to its RadeonSI Gallium3D driver. The patches represent a lot of work, seeing as the commits to AMDGPU alone represent "over forty-thousand lines of code."

As Phoronix speculates, the amount of code might owe to the fact that Vega is a significant departure from the previous Polaris architecture. The site says that the patches include support for video decoding using Vega's UVD 7.0 decode block, video encoding using VCE 4.0, and support for SR-IO virtualization alongside the more basic power management and 3D graphics functions. The RadeonSI driver is limited to supporting OpenGL 3.1 at the moment, but Phoronix speculates that AMD could make the driver ready for OpenGL 4.5 before Vega's purported May launch date.

The drivers list seven different PCI IDs for "CHIP_VEGA10", including the 0x687F model that we've seen referenced in previous leaks. This could mean that we will see a variety of boards based on the GPU. The drivers also list seven PCI IDs for "CHIP_POLARIS12", lending some credence to the rumors about an even smaller variant of AMD's current graphics architecture. 

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  3. Honestly AMD has been lackluster is the cpu department since Intel Conroe. Being level with Intel for five seconds is no reason to consider AMD, I want them to compete in earnest. I last used AMD back with opterons 246s.

    Zen worth considering? Not for Me. Where’s the quad-channel memory support and the registered ECC support for more than 256GB of ram? and most of all where are the 10-16 core chips? Yes i gaming with workstation hardware, I can get things done while the cpu is munching away on data and running VMs and DBs.

  4. How does anything you say actually relate to making a logical choice? You basically laid out a list of reasons to carry a ‘grudge’ against AMD for poor execution, when, given Zen, all signs point to Vega being worth considering. If you need the “1080 ti custom pcb” right now, then it is by all means the best choice, but you certainly haven’t justified it in terms of intended workload … just a grudge against AMD that you feel disappointed you.

  5. You can look at AMD’s financial statements on the FEC web site and see how little they spend on R&D compared to everything else in the company, that is FACT.

    Fury know as Fiji is what I consider a failure, The nano was late, the x2 card was late plus the price was over the top, and the worst part was the slower driver updates compared to the older cards I owned 4870×2, 5970, and 7970. All Vega sound like is Fiji with HBM2 now offering 8GB of ram instead of 4GB.

    [url<][/url<] [url<][/url<] Add it it you have to wait a year for AMD to have good drivers for each new card, the 1080 ti is looking better everyday Vega is not out. AMD/ATI has always made good hardware, but the drivers YES have been getting better over the years but still lose out to Nvidia during a product launch. If you look at the Fury X compared to the 980 ti is has not aged well it is getting burned by the 980 ti whenever a new game comes out AMD lagging sometimes 2 months on a good driver. The longer it take for Vega to be release the better off the 1080 ti looks. The reason I'm going 1080 ti is simple it does right now while AMD fanbois dream of Vega.

  6. SLI has too many problems and it’s nowhere the way it was when 3dfx was using it.

  7. I want double the performance of my current GPU. The 1080 ti offers that for my 980 ti.

    I actually held onto my 7970 from 2011 till the 980 ti come out, it’s the longest time period I’ve owned a GPU.

  8. Those driver “improvements” usually take a year to kick in. They did so with my 4870×2, 5970, and 7970.

  9. I don’t think most people upgrade their cards that quickly – [url<][/url<]

  10. [url<][/url<]

  11. True. I would imagine that drivers are an issue still. Given it failed at least one subtest of the patch I saw leaked, I would imagine that is early drivers.

    Sadly that means we may get early drivers at launch :/

  12. many do. many don’t. I had a friend with GTX 770 in SLI.

    Typically marketing for lower end cards is a 4-year cycle.

    I’m sure there’s a sizable, but not majority, of high end users who keep their cards 3-5 years. Instead of rapid upgrades.

  13. Well the early performance leaks is that a 1200Mhz Vega is somewhere just ahead of the GTX1070.

    The [i<]rumour[/i<] is that production samples will hit 1500MHz, so potentially Vega will be 25% faster than a GTX1070 which puts it in GTX1080 territory, near enough. I don't think it's a Titan XP or 1080Ti competitor unless the leaks are very wrong, or their early drivers weren't taking advantage of the new architecture.

  14. While a valid point.. Most people do not buy a card in hoped in the future it becomes 20% faster over a great deal of time. they buy it ‘in the now’ and then dump it in a year to 24 months.

  15. Seriously, I think a lot of people forget about AMD’s continuing improvement in their drivers.

  16. I’m not sure where you get your facts from!

    Vega is a brand new architecture.
    Vega is using HBM2, unlike Polaris (Rx480) and Fiji (Fury)
    Vega is the first large chip on the GF 14nm process and the first AMD chip with an HBM2 interposer.

    How is that in any way like the 7970 > 290x evolution (where AMD basically just built a bigger chip with the same architecture).

    More amusingly, you single-out Vega as the example of AMD’s lack of R&D, yet Vega has the most unique new features of any AMD gpu in the last half decade, and ironically, the HBM2 that Nvidia uses in its highest-end products are largely down to AMD’s R&D collaboration. You [i<]couldn't have picked a worse example[/i<] if you tried.... 🙁

  17. The fury X has been a failure to you recently? I’ve actually been really impressed with it recently though I didn’t think much of it at launch. It has aged extremely well.


    Your statement is even more mind boggling since zen just released just this month. I don’t understand how you think they’re not putting anything into R&D.

  18. man, how the fck is AMD going to survive without you?

    glad to know what you are buying and what you wish for

    if i was able to buy one of those I wouldn’t need to lash out at AMD

    man, you are entitled mthrfckr too

    it’s not enough that companies make this awesome sht that you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy

    you should try being thankful and appreciative

    but you are too entitled to get that

  19. You mean the same 290x that is now 4-20% faster than the card it was slower than (780ti) at launch?

    Given HBM2 should close the power gap, seems good. Little less performance today for much more tomorrow.

    Now, if money or value is not an issue. 1080ti is probably way to go. If Vega does beat it, it will be by a little only.

  20. That’s nice and all, but I’m buying a 1080 ti custom pcb anyways.

    This whole Vega thing smells just like the 290x upgrade to the 7970, but more recently the failure of the the Fury X vs the 980 ti. I really wish that AMD would split back into AMD and ATI because AMD is just too cheap to spend money on R&D and if you can’t beat the products from Intel and Nvidia you will not be getting MY money.

    More down votes from the AMD fanbois PLEASE!

  21. I’d be surprised to see discrete mobile variants of Vega any time soon, that is, before Raven Ridge APUs get chucked out the door. And any we do see would almost certainly be the smaller Vega 11.

    Seven variants for the one large chip does sound about right for mass consumer, workstation, and HPC cards after they get their different binnings.

    I just hope all this means that Vega’s “1H” launch is not of the pseudo-paper on the evening of June 30th variety.

  22. The numerous PCI IDs likely cover more than just the consumer variants. FirePros can use the same driver for example. There is also a chance we’ll see mobile variants too.