1. Intel's breakthrough in transistor design (thanks MJS)
  2. Electic Tech has Linux kernel version 2.4.15
  3. OCAddiction's Windows 98SE vs. XP performance comparison
  4. Gaming in 3D focuses on Abit@Comdex
  5. Pro Cooling has water cooling buyer's guide
  6. t-break reviews Commandos 2

  1. Icrontic on modifying the Xbox: part II
  2. Target PC reviews Tyan Tomcat i815T
  3. Digit-Life has Radeon 8500 & 7500 roundup
  4. PCstats reviews ProLink PixelView GF2 MX Twin
  5. Media Xplosion reviews Leadtek WinFast Titanium 500 TD
  6. Dan's Data reviews Gravis Stinger game pad
  7. Bjorn3D reviews Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer
  8. FrostyTech reviews Zalman FanMate 1 - rheostat
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