MSI Trident 3 Arctic stuffs a GTX 1070 in a 5L package

A month ago I reviewed MSI's Trident 3 compact gaming PC. I thought the machine was a solid performer, but got the feeling that the GeForce GTX 1060 it came with was holding it back a bit. MSI's PR folks assured me a version of the Trident 3 with a GeForce GTX 1070 was already on its way, and they weren't kidding. Check out the Trident 3 Arctic.

This frosty-white version of the Trident 3 comes with a purpose-built GTX 1070 inside. MSI makes the bold claim that this version of the GTX 1070 "outshines any ITX reference cards found in other small form factor PCs." To make sure the Trident 3 Arctic has plenty of power, MSI upgraded the power adapter from the original model's 230W to a fairly beastly 330W.

Aside from the new color scheme, graphics card, and power adapter, this machine appears to be identical to the Trident 3 we reviewed. If that's the case, the Trident 3 Arctic should run just like a much larger desktop with a Kaby Lake Core i7 and GTX 1070 inside. If you're curious about the Trident 3 machine, check out our full review of the previous iteration.

MSI says the Trident 3 Arctic will be available at the beginning of April for $1500. It's a limited edition, so if you need serious gaming power in a PlayStation-sized package, don't hesistate to snatch one up.

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