Thermaltake's View 28 case can light up any room

Like a mad scientist who has no idea when to stop, computer gear manufacturers are dropping more and more RGB LED lights into their wares. Just when we think they've maxed them out, they find more spots to jam them in and more designs to make up. Thermaltake's View 28 case takes what made its predecessor unique and goes right down the mad-scientist path.

The case's defining feature is still the gullwing-style window that simultaneously makes the contents of a carefully-arranged case much more visible and offers builders a whole new aesthetic angle to work with. The new View 28 introduces a panel of RGB LEDs at the front that Thermaltake is calling the RGB Matrix. The Matrix uses mirrors and lighting to give an illusion of infinite depth. Builders can also sync up the case's lighting with Thermaltake's own Riing Plus 12 RGB fans.

That new lighting accoutrements appear to be all the View 28 has to offer over the View 27. Like its predecessor, the View 28 is completely toolless and has room for an ATX motherboard. It can accommodate up to four dual-slot graphics in the standard horizontal configuration or, thanks to PCIe riser cables, two vertically-positioned cards. There's room for up to four 2.5" drives on the motherboard tray and two 2.5" or 3.5" drives in a separate drive tray. No matter what you decide to put in it, the case has room for radiators up to 360mm on the front and 120mm on the back.

Thermaltake hasn't yet revealed pricing or availability. The View 27 hit last summer and currently hovers around $70 to $80. With the lighting enhancements, we expect Thermaltake will ask for a bit more this time around.

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