SiSoft Sandra Platinum 2017 is ready for Ryzen

In our recent review of AMD's Ryzen 7 CPUs, we ran into some limitations with our usual suite of synthetic CPU benchmarks. Neither SiSoft Sandra nor AIDA64 had been updated for use with the AMD's latest architecture. In particular, we were unable to accurately test the R7 chips' memory or cache latency. The engineers over at SiSoft have done their due diligence, and Sandra Platinum 2017 is now ready for Ryzen.

The new version also includes updated support for GPGPU testing, and for the AVX512 instructions rumored to be a part of Intel's eighth-generation Cannon Lake CPUs. Sandra Platinum 2017 still supports x86, x86-64, ARM, and ARM64 architectures on Windows and Android. Its GPGPU tests operate on all four major platforms: OpenCL 1.2, CUDA 8.0, DirectX Compute Shader 11, and OpenGL Compute 4.3.

Gerbils who have heard enough can head over to SiSoft's download page to figure out which version of Sandra is appropriate for their uses and get started on their own testing. Sandra had more detailed information in a blog post yesterday, but the page has since been removed. In any case, look for tests done with Sandra Platinum 2017 in future CPU reviews at TR.

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    • POLAR
    • 5 years ago

    Why remove a blog post on a good fix? O_o

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