Destiny 2 coming to PC on September 8

Are you a PC gamer who likes Halo and Borderlands? Do you wish Borderlands was less wacky nonsense and more hard sci-fi? Then you're probably sad to have missed out on Destiny when it launched everywhere except on PC. Bungie and Activision have good news for us, though: Destiny 2 is coming to PC. Check out the story trailer below.

The original Destiny blended shoot-and-loot PvE action (a la Borderlands) with fast-paced and lethal PvP action (a la Halo), and tied it all together with a high-concept science-fiction storyline. Destiny was Bungie's first experience with massively-multiplayer games, and it's safe to say that it was a learning experience for the company. After some growing pains, though, the game really took off to become one of the top games in its genre. Bungie and Activision boasted of over 25 million players at the end of last year.

That trailer sets up the justification for why existing Guardians (Destiny players) have to make a fresh start, and gives players the name of their antagonist: Ghaul. The story goes that Ghaul and his Red Legion attacked the Tower—the base of operations for the Guardians—and demolished everything. Existing Destiny players will be able to carry over their characters, including class, race, and cosmetic customizations. However, all powers, possessions, items, and currency will be gone.

Typically, massively-multiplayer games run for several years before being supplanted by the developer, and successful ones can run for decades. Destiny has only been out for a little over two years, so it's surprising to see a sequel coming so soon. Bungie community manager DeeJ tweeted that Destiny 2 is scheduled for a beta this summer (restricted to preorder customers) and will launch on Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One on September 8.

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