Asus readies 35 motherboards for Optane Memory

Intel's consumer-targeted Optane hybrid cache drives have yet to enter the TR labs, but when the 16 GB and 32 GB M.2 gumsticks arrive, a wide swathe of Asus' 200-series motherboards will be ready for them. The manufacturer announced on its Edge Up blog page that BIOS updates for 35 different models with B250, H270, Q270, and Z270 chipsets will enable Optane compatibility.

As we noted in our previous coverage, these devices will only work with Intel Kaby Lake Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs with 200-series and C236 chipsets. Users with Kaby Lake chips on 100-series motherboards or Skylake processors on 200-series mainboards are left out of the Optane party. Owners of Kaby Lake Pentiums and Celerons are similarly disqualified.

What we know about the first wave of consumer Optane models suggests that owners of the lower-end chipsets paired with old-school spinning-rust storage devices will see more benefits from the new technology than those with ROG Maximus IX Extreme Z270 boards paired with cutting-edge NVMe SSDs. Intel has a list of Optane-compatible boards from a number of manufacturers here. As a reminder, the 16 GB model is expected to sell for $44 and the 32 GB model will go for $77.

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    • CuttinHobo
    • 3 years ago

    Sweet Jebus. It continually amazes me it’s worth the effort and cost to design and validate so many different models. Asus in particular since they also have Asrock.

      • synthtel2
      • 3 years ago

      Asus and ASRock have been separate for a while now.

        • CuttinHobo
        • 3 years ago

        Oh, whoops – I missed that. Thanks!

    • blahsaysblah
    • 3 years ago

    200-chipset+ – check
    7th gen CPU+ – check
    NVMe M.2 slot – check

    All to optimally accelerate a HDD based system in 2017.

    I dont think this will do anything for your porn collection.

      • albundy
      • 3 years ago

      beat me to it. a well deserved giggitty! i have no idea who would use this since it clearly is only supported by the latest chipset and others probably going forward.

        • Takeshi7
        • 3 years ago

        Since it is an M.2 NVMe drive, can’t it work in every computer as just a normal drive? AFAIK they are only restricting the caching software to their 200 series chipsets.

          • deruberhanyok
          • 3 years ago

          Probably, but… at 16GB or 32GB capacities, it wouldn’t be good for much more than an OS install and a few applications. Home-grown ChromeOS box, maybe, or tiny NUC with Linux or minimal Windows install?

          Also at $77 for the 32GB model, you may as well spend $20 more and get a high speed Toshiba or Samsung 256GB NVMe drive.

      • joselillo_25
      • 3 years ago

      Yeah, no decent porn collection can fit in just 32gb. This Intel guys are totally lost.

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