Nvidia brings GeForce-Assisted Gaming to a PC near you

We aren't the only ones getting in on the April Fools' shenanigans early. Nvidia's putting its AI expertise to work for gamers with the new GeForce GTX G-Assist. Plug the USB G-Assist module into a machine with a GeForce GTX graphics card and enjoy the benefits of the included GeForce SoC (Supercomputer on a Chip).

The above video covers GeForce GhostPlay, Boss Boost, and Nurture, all technologies I could definitely find a use for at some point. Nvidia's page for the new tech also talks about GeForce GameTrain, a personal trainer offering live tips and hints to help you improve at games. Nvidia says it supports over 10,080 games.

The joke is pretty funny, but probably the most interesting part of the video is that tiny GeForce flash drive. Folks in the YouTube comments and on Reddit seem to agree. Time for a new pack-in bonus, Nvidia?

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