HTC Vive will get a temporary $100 price drop this week

If you've been itching to get on the VR bandwagon but don't fancy the steep price of the HTC's VR headset, there's some good news. On Wednesday, April 5, the Vive kit will be selling for $100 off its regular price, putting it at $699. To wit, the kit includes a VR headset, two touch controllers and their base stations, earbuds, a breakout box, and all the necessary cabling.

April 5 is being branded Vive Day, according to the Vive Blog. The temporary $100 cut isn't the only thing happening during that day, though. Existing and new customers can get their virtual hands on a free copy of Arcade Saga, a game that normally goes for $20.

Additionally, those subscribing to the Viveport service will get a free month. Subscribers can shell out $6.99 per month, access five titles from the Viveport library, and rotate their selection every month. This also gives players a chance to try out games and applications before shelling out for them. HTC hints that there are more freebies coming, and says you should stay tuned to the Vive Blog.

This move comes a month after Oculus dropped the price of its Rift headset and Touch controllers. Neither the Rift or the Vive kits are particularly cheap, so we're only happy to see an apparent price war brewing. Easier access to high-end VR is nothing but welcome.

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