Report: Samsung prepping 32:9 and 29:9 display panels

If you're one of those people who hated black bars when trying to watch widescreen movies on 4:3 televisions back in the day, you're going to hate the new ultra-wide panels that Samsung is reportedly making. The monitor experts at TFTCentral got some info on the goodies.

Samsung is apparently prepping up 49" and 44" displays meant to mimic a pair of side-by-side monitors in a single frame. Fine details are still sparse, but we know enough to get a good idea of what we're in for. First off, both panels are based on VA technology, have a tight 1800R curvature, and are offered in a "3-side frameless design." TFTCentral says these panels have an impressive 5000:1 static contrast ratio.

The  49" panel comes in a 32:9 aspect ratio and sports a 3480x1080 resolution that Samsung is apparently calling Double-Full HD. This unit seems to be directed at gamers, as it reportedly supports a 144Hz refresh rate and has options for FreeSync and G-Sync support.

Meanwhile, the 44" offering has an aspect ratio of 29:9 and offers up a 3840x1200 resolution. This panel will purportedly arrive in 60 Hz and 144 Hz variations, though TFTCentral's report makes no explicit mention of support for VRR technology. The site's info does mention that this unit has 8-bit color depth.

Both panels are expected to go into production in September of this year, though there's no word yet on when we'll see them inside monitors. The high refresh rates of both panels and the VRR options for the 49" model seem to point directly toward gaming monitors. It remains to be seen how well games will deal with the ultra-wide resolutions both screens offer.

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