AIDA64 release notes mention 16-core Ryzen CPUs and RX 500 cards

A few weeks after AMD launched its Ryzen 7 processors, rumors cropped up claiming that AMD had 12 and 16-core processors on the way. Seeing as Ryzen 7 proved to be a very capable performer when running heavily-threaded applications, it's perhaps unsurprising that AMD would take the multi-core design philosophy further still. AMD has confirmed the existence of many-cored Zen CPUs with its Naples platform, but the company hasn't made any announcements regarding similar consumer hardware. A new update to popular monitoring utility AIDA64 suggests we might be in for a surprise. Those many-core chips are mentioned by name, along with AMD's upcoming 500-series graphics cards.

The release notes for the upcoming version of AIDA64 Extreme don't offer many details, but what's there is intriguing. The notes declare that AIDA64 will have "preliminary support for AMD Zen 12-core and 16-core HEDT CPUs." It's fun to think about how such chips might pose a challenge to Intel's Core i7-6950X and Core i7-5960X in the high-end desktop and workstation spaces.

The notes also mention both the Radeon RX 570 and Radeon RX 580 cards, and indicate that they're both powered by the Polaris 10 GPU. This information matches up with other rumors we've heard concerning these pixel-pushers. For whatever it's worth, AIDA64's notes don't mention either the RX Vega or the RX 550, a rumored product based on an unreleased Polaris 12 GPU.

As much as we'd like to offer more details on these parts, there just isn't much in the way of specific information available yet. As AMD lets the cats out of the bag, we'll keep you posted.

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