NV25 speculation begins

With the end of the year before us, bringing spring ever closer, anticipation and speculation is begining to crop up around NVIDIA's coming NV25 part. It's seems to be a yearly contest of whose sources have the best information or who has the best concept of how 3D graphic parts are going to grow to meet the coming demands.

NV News, with a bit of help from Reactor Critical, has fired the first rounds. The NV25's rumored specs:

  • Rumoured 6 Pixel pipelines
  • Core freq: 300 MHz
  • Memory: 660 MHz (eff) ~ 10.5 GB/sec BW, assuming they stay with 128-bit data paths
  • Supports TwinView
  • Supports (finally) Hardware iDCT
  • More powerful T&L unit, to include a second Vertex Shader
  • Can't find the link, but there's a rumour stating that we can expect Voodoo5 5500-esque Anti-Aliasing feature. The presumption is that the NV25 will bring a Rotated-Grid AA implementation to the table.
  • .13u Manufacturing process
It sounds terribly powerful. Personally though, I could do without another $500 video card. Here's hoping for a bit less brute force and a bit more clever engineering to keep the performance edge.
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