G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory kits grow to 128GB capacity

Do you fancy RGB LEDs? Do you enjoy synchronizing every single part of your PC to shine the same brilliant shade of chartreuse? If so, you'll be needing RGB LED-equipped memory, and G.Skill is ready to accommodate you. The sort of person who goes to these lengths customizing their system's looks also tends to demand maximum performance. To that end, G.Skill is announcing that its Trident Z RGB memory now comes as eight-module kits with up to 128GB of capacity.

Of course, as memory density goes up, it can be difficult to keep the speeds up. As a result, the version of the kit with eight 16GB modules "only" runs at 3333 MT/s, while the variant with eight 8GB DIMMs hits 3466 MT/s. Either way, you still end up with 64GB or 128GB of high-speed DDR4 memory that runs well beyond Intel's official specifications. G.Skill says you can run four 16GB modules at 3600 MT/s on Z270 platforms, or a pair of them at 3866 MT/s. If even that doesn't sate your need for speed, the original Trident Z modules run all the way up to 4266 MT/s with a pair of 8GB modules.

G.Skill said before that it would be offering software to control the RGB LEDs on the modules, and a beta version of that app is now up for download. We haven't gotten our hands on a set of these sticks yet, so if you have, report back and let us know how it works. G.Skill says the high-capacity Trident Z RGB kits should be available in May.

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