Microsoft Surface Dial gets integrated into more apps

A tool is no good if you don't have anything to use it on. That goes doubly so for something as unique as Microsoft's Surface Dial. Application developers do need to add specific support for the Dial in their wares, though. To make sure that artists using the Surface Studio and its Dial aren't lacking in options, Microsoft has announced partnerships with developers of a host of both new and updated creativity applications.

Among the applications receiving new or improved support for the Dial, you'll find Algoriddim's djay Pro, CorelDraw, AutoDesk Sketchbook, Sketchable, and Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Algoriddim's djay Pro application integrates with Spotify and allows users to "browse their music library, scratch, scrub, loop, and precisely adjust knobs and filters on-screen and for each deck individually." Art-focused applications like CorelDraw, Sketchbook, and Sketchable allow for functionality like shifting colors without lifting your stylus or interrupting your flow—on top of stuff like adjusting zoom, opacity, and brush size. Adobe Premiere Pro CC promises faster scrubbing through clips and sequences along with more precise frame selection.

Many of the updated applications are available immediately, like djay Pro and CorelDraw. It sounds like Adobe Premiere Pro CC's integration is a bit further out, as Adobe's blog post directs users to its booth at the upcoming NAB Show convention in Las Vegas later this month.

The more applications have support for the Surface Studio and the Dial, the easier it's going to be for Microsoft to get professional artists interested in the hardware. Big names like CorelDraw and Premiere Pro could prove instrumental to that goal.

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